Wednesday, 24 April 2013

On The Right Track

Well it's been two weeks since I set my plan and not only have I stuck to all the things I set myself but I've lost 6 and a half pounds.  I've now lost a total of 13 and a half pounds.  Half a pound to go to a stone, no more shiny stickers from slimming world though so I might have to make my own, ha ha.

I've done some really big walks with a group of friends too, now the evenings are light we've left the roads and started walking across the nearby fields and up some very steep hills. I can definitely feel the difference in my jeans and trousers.

Some of the countryside (and hills) we've been tackling.

I also dusted off the Wii Fit Board (literally) and started using that on the nights I don't do a big walk, my arms are aching from boxing!

I am finding my calorie target very easy to stick too as well and feeling much less hungry than usual. I've really upped my water intake too.

Using my Fitbit Zip to count how many steps and recording what I've eaten using My Fitness Pal shows me calories consumed versus calories burned which I find really motivating.  After a 5.5 mile walk with the girls last night on top of the usual daily steps I did over 20,000 steps. I'd done 19,300 when I got in so I paced around the room to get to 20,000. I think my husband thought I had lost the plot but I knew if I sat down I would stiffen up and not be able to do anything apart from crawl to bed.

It's my sister in laws 40th birthday this weekend and we are out all day on Saturday on an 'Ale Trail' so not only will I be consuming my body weight in lager, cider and vodka but I will need to line my stomach too, and probably have a curry at the end of the night.  That's going to be my day off and I'm doing another 5/6 mile walk tomorrow night, at least 3 miles Friday morning and just sticking to the plan rigidly before and afterwards.

Next time I blog I WILL have lost my first stone!!!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Time To Hit The Reset Button

The past month or so has not gone so well on the dieting front, I had a good few weeks where I couldn't go to Slimming World for various reasons, hubby working away or at football mostly but to be honest I can't say I was disappointed as I knew I would have put a bit of weight on.  I'd started to become a bit disillusioned with the classes anyway and wasn't finding them remotely motivating.  I actually find the woman that runs them a bit rude too, she doesn't even say hello when you arrive and there is no sharing of ideas amongst the group etc.

So I've not been for a few weeks and I'd toyed with the idea of finding a class elsewhere until I read an email yesterday from a diet website yesterday with ideas on how to kick start your weight loss and the first one was 'Hit The Reset Button'  In short, if it's not working stop doing it.

So that made my mind up and I've decided I can lose weight on my own.  Well, with the help of my family and friends at least.  Several friends are also losing weight and so is my sister so we are all going to motivate each other.

So I have devised myself my own plan:

  1. Try to eat less than 1400 calories a day on week days and allow myself extra for treats on a weekend.
  2. Use 'diet' shakes on work days (mainly for convenience)
  3. Eat fresh healthy meals and steer clear of pasta, rice and potatoes.
  4. Use My Fitness Pal to record my food and exercise.
  5. Walk further and with friends
  6. Start using my numerous fitness DVD's and the Wii fit
  7. Drink more water and less tea.
  8. Plan my meals in advance
  9. Bore you all to death by blogging about it!!!
Yesterday was the first day of my new 'regime' and I had less than 1400 calories and did a 4.6mile walk with the dog and some friends.

My meal plan for the rest of the week is as follows:

Tangy Trout with Balsamic Salad
Chicken Stir Fry
Paprika Pork Chops with Roasted Veg
Eating out - All you can eat tapas!!
Southern Style Spare Ribs with Celeriac Chips
Some kind of Sunday Roast

 Obviously Friday night may prove a tad difficult, we are being taken out by some friends and it's the first time me and hubby have had a night out together for ages so it's all you eat tapas and drinks but you have to treat yourself from time to time.

I am super motivated and long may it last!!